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MMWs Three Step Wellness Program acts as a liaison to ensure coordinated care is achieved in full transparency between healthcare providers for individuals experiencing homelessness. By coordinating patient care within coordinated entry systems, we navigate individuals experiencing homelessness to resources and education that help improve their life.

Ukrainian war refugees in temporary shelter and help center getting drinks from volunteers

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower homeless individuals with quality healthcare services and social support while presenting them the valuable tool of personal resilience to overcome challenges associated with homelessness.

Our Vision

We envision a more equitable heath system for the homeless demographic, without any barriers to coordinated healthcare.

Refugee Getting Free Medicine

Homeless Success Stories

At the Union Mission Wellness Shelter I did not have any of my prescription medication, or health insurance cards. MMW helped me get a new health insurance card- and all of my medications mail ordered to me with a 0 copay through my prescription coverage. 

Robert Lowe

The insecticide treated bed nets that MMW donated to our orphanage have really protected us from mosquito bites, and we are also not getting sick with malaria as often.

Mammie Konneh




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